Sunday, June 1, 2008

How does Horse Slaughter affect you?

After seeing a picture of a dead horse in a chute, I wrote this. It aptly describes my feelings after viewing the picture:

As I saw your broken body lying in your own blood
My heart sunk to the bottom of my soul
Your beautiful, still shiny coat was smeared
with the last remaining essence of your life
The life that was taken from you needlessly and with no remorse
Your beautiful mane tangled and matted
Your beautiful face turned into the dirt
Your beautiful life snuffed out, as if it meant nothing
But, you are remembered
You are loved
You are and will always be, a beautiful horse

Marjorie Caruso


Anonymous said...

Dear MJ,

Your poem is so poignant, it hurts! Though I cannot bear to see any photos or videos of horse slaughter, I can only imagine how horrible it is for the victims and for the equine friends and family from whom they were taken. I believe that each horse, here and beyond, who has ever endured any form of abuse is comforted by the love we horse-smitten humans feel for every equine who has ever lived.

Colorado Pit Bull Rescue said...


My name is Amy and I am with Colorado Pit Bull Rescue- I have been trying to contact you from your posting from last night...

Our rescue president asked me to forward this to you.... I guess this is more of a response from what you got from the lady with the last name of Anderson, about the dog...
Which by no means do I think its okay for her to put the dog down because of her view of crappy owner.
I think she may be an ignorant person and I still have to fight through it to make things right for these dogs because of ignorance like hers.
Here's what Sandra had to say...
This issue is not whether this person is a good dog owner, clearly we wouldn't believe he is based on the fact that his dog was at large more than once, especially close enough to Denver to get into harms way. This is certainly not an owner we would seek for our dogs, but the fact is this dog doesn't deserve to be euthanized because like every other animal victim in our society he has a very irresponsible dog owner.

And Denver should not be allowed to euthanize anyone's dog because they wandered into the wrong city. If this person can prove he lives outside of Denver his dog should be returned, if animal control wants to pursue animal cruelty or negligence charges we would be all for that. We would also be willing to help find a more responsible and caring home for this dog.

If this person is deemed unfit to care for this dog then he should be transferred to an organization that can provide him care, but not destroyed because he was allowed to wander into harms way.

Holding the owner responsible should not mean the killing of an innocent dog.

Furthermore, Denver should be forced by the court to perform a DNA test on this dog. From pictures this dog looks to be an American Bulldog mix more so than pit bull, but considering that DNA testing is proving more and more dogs labeled "pit bull" to be no more American Pit Bull Terrier than any other combination of breeds and Denver's law says a dog must be predominantly pit bull, it is unlikely their own law will stand up in court based on actual facts.