Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Horse Slaughter Promotes Abuse

Yesterday, this video was posted on MetaCafe: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/448941/take_me_away/

Take Me Away - The best video clips are here

Besides the fact that these horses were about to meet a cruel and horrific death, they stood in a crowded pen where they could not move or lie down, standing on concrete with very little food and water for 12 days.

My questions are: Where were the animal patrol officers? Where was the SPCA? Where was the USDA who is supposed to be overseeing the care of our horses. Why does no one care? Why aren't they doing their jobs? Do we allow this type of cruelty and abuse in the United States?

I thought the United States was above this type of behavior, but evidently not. What makes this worse is, where are all the TV News crews? I have not seen one thing about this abhorrent behavior on any news station. I've written to Keith Olbermann and others, but not one word nor one response.

Can't anyone hear the anguished screams of these horses? Has America become numb and uncaring? I don't think the latter is true, but I do know that our TV stations should be talking about this and they are not. I wonder why.


Verity said...

It is always amazing to me to see how much passion you have for this subject. I hope this blog helps you reach a wider audience.


Olivia said...

MJNYC has done it again: gone the extra mile for horses, who have gone the extra mile for man (try extra million miles!).

You are a good exposer of the truth, denouncer of evil, and fixer of what is wrong, Morgan. Bless you on behalf of every equine who has ever lived.

PS: Morgan is my nickname for Marjorie, because she reminds me of a Morgan horse: strong, sturdy, solid. And she accomplishes much.

Gwen said...

You should update this and keep it going. You are such a loyal fighter for the horses. We need about a million of you

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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